Animal Husbandry

Office of the Veterinary Assistant Surgeon – Veterinary Dispensary – Yanam


The main objective of the Department is to safeguard the health of all farm animals and to sustain and to further improve their productivity.

The main thrust has been on the development of necessary infrastructure in UT of Puducherry for extending veterinary health coverage and breeding facilities. The Livestock Health and Production is improved by prevention and treatment along with the balanced nutrition and better management practices.

Through the implementation of 5 years plans, the animal health base has been strengthened to ensure smooth and steady growth of animal production and providing the farmers the benefits of animal health care and better production, thus strengthening the animal husbandry industry.


The Veterinary Assistant Surgeon
Veterinary Dispensary
Subramania Bharathiar Street
Yanam -533 464
Ph. 0884 2324031 (Off.)
Mob. 9493275680