Climate & Rainfall

Yanam experiences a climate which is characterized by high humidity over 70% in the mornings and over 60% in the evenings throughout the year. It experiences an oppressive summer season and a good rainfall. It enjoys the benefit of both the South-West and North-East monsoon. The average rainfall in a year is about 1226 mm.


From February, temperature starts rising rapidly till May which is the hottest month with the mean maximum around 370 C and mean minimum around 280 C. Humidity being high, the heat is very trying. The maximum temperature on some days in May or early June before the onset of the South-West monsoon touches about 470 C. Pre-monsoon thundershowers may at times bring welcome relief. With the onset of the monsoon in June, the mercury falls down bringing some sort of relief. The moderate temperature continues upto September. The months of December & January, falling in the winter season (Cold Weather Season) are the pleasant months.


The air is generally humid throughout the year with relative humidity – over 70 percent in the mornings and over 60 per cent in the evenings during all the months. The sky is generally heavily clouded to overcast during the south-west monsoon months. There is moderate cloudiness in the past monsoon months. During the rest of the year, the sky will clear or lightly clouded.

Surface Winds

In the summer season winds blow from directions between South-East to South-West. During the monsoon season, they blow mainly from South-West to West. During October to February, winds are usually from North-East in the mornings, veering towards South-East in the afternoons. Winds are generally light to moderate during the whole year.

Special Weather Phenomena

The storms and depression which form in the Bay of Bengal in the pre-monsoon month of May, and during September to November, cross the east coast, and affect the region and the neighbourhood, causing thunder-storms, heavy rain, tidal waves and strong winds. Occasional thunder-storms associated mainly with the onset of the south-west monsoon occur in April, May and June.