Yanam has very beautiful views. It is covered with coconut trees. One can enjoy fresh iodinised air since it is located over the banks of the Gauthami Godavari River. Humidity is high in this region. The river Gauthami Godavari is one of the main branches of the river Godavari. It enters the Bay of Bengal after flowing about 12 km through Yanam.

This is actually the river bank road of Gauthami Godavari. This road was constructed by the Andhra Road & Buildings Dept. They had given the maintenance of this Road to Yanam Public Works Dept. This road ends with SavithriNagar village. After Savithri Nagar, the river goes into the Sea.

Yanam Areal View

During 1995-96 Cyclone, the road was badly damaged. Almost 50% of the road was destroyed due to heavy tides of the sea. The road is having 8 mts. width and 16 Kms.The total cost of the construction of the road was nearly 3 crores.

Now the Govt. has taken steps to make this area as one of the tourist spots of Yanam Region because it has a very good River View. There is a proposal to have a boat house in this area. The Agriculture Dept. has already started the Afforestation programme along this Road side.