Tastes of Yanam



The scientific name of the Cheeramenu is sarida gracilis, soridatambil,sarida Ambo scamis.It is available at the Brackish water area where the Godavari river and sea water joins.

This special kind of fish lays eggs here as there exists plenty of oxygen available in this area.

Fish Catch

When the breeze comes from the East Side of the Ocean, this fish comes out towards the bank side of the river. This will be identified when the birds fly down towards the river bank to catch hold of the fish from the water. There is a lot of demand for this fish item during the season. You can see the demand for this item in the market in the picture.

Then the fishermen come to know that the Cheeramenu is avilable in that area and catches the fish using the saree which is called CHEERA in Telugu. Hence it is called as CHEERAMENU.

Fish Market

  • It is available in the months of August,September and October. It is very tasty and people will make different type of foods using this fish. The items will be exported to outside areas from here.
  • These will be exported to France country also.
  • Though it will be very costly, people are very crazy to buy this fish.
  • There will be great demand for this fish in the market during the season.


Pulasa Fish

  • It is a special kind of fish which is avilable only in Yanam Region. When the sweet water coming through Godavari river from Maharastra joins the salt water of the Ocean, Brakish Area will be formed in the Yanam Region.
  • This area will be very fertile and make the fish become fatty. Before coming to this area, the fish will be called as Ilasa and after coming to this are, it becomes PULASA.
  • It is available only in the months of August/September.The curries made using this PULASA will be exported to outside areas during the season.
  • It is being exported to France also.