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Government General Hospital, Yanam: Tender Notice

for purchase of “USED FIXER AND OLD X-RAY FILMSbelong to the X Ray unit of the Government General Hospital, Yanam

20/07/2021 31/08/2021 View (382 KB)
Government General Hospital, Yanam: Tender Notice

Quotation for supply of medicines as per annexure enclosed

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Yanam Municipality-Short e-Tender Notice

for Formation of roads in flood prone area around ferry road, Yanam

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Government General Hospital, Yanam- Tender Notice

Quotation for supply of Spares O.T.T.S. Bed/passenger Elevator

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S.R.K. Government Arts College, Yanam : Quotation Notice

Quotation for Repairing and Spray painting of an old Steel Almirahs, steel table and steel podium at various departments

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Local Administration Department, Puducherry: Request For Proposal

Tender is invited from eligible consulting firms/agencies for Developing Integrated MSW processing Project at Yanam

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Deputy Director Agriculture, Yanam : Quotation Notice

Sealed quotations are invited by the undersigned for the supply of following electrical items in connection with the conversion of existing single phase power to line into 3 phase power line

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Yanam Municipality- Short e-Tender Notice

To Invited by the Commissioner, Yanam Municipality from eligible contractors/registered firms/Agency/Company/society for Municipal Sold Waste

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Deputy Collector (Revenue),Yanam _Quotation Notice

Sealed quotations are invited from the experienced farmers for leasing out 166 number of coconut trees which are covered in the land measuring an extent of 02-68-00 hectares located at kurasampeta, Adivipolam Revenue Village

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Public Works Department: Short Tender Notice

Providing platform and drainage facilities to the Seagulls restaurant at Kurasampeta, Yanam

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