Police Department

Police department in Yanam is headed by Superintendent of Police. There are 8 Police stations including coastal stations.

Coastal Police

Coastal police, Yanam provides security to coastal areas, vigil on smuggling through river/sea, rehabilitation during disaster s and natural calamities, maintain law and order along with the coast.

Duties of Coastal Police

  • To provide security to Coastal area in the country.
  • Controlling entry of Infiltrators, Militants and anti-Social elements through sea route into the country.
  • To have a vigil on the smuggling of Petrol, Diesel and commonly used items through sea and rivers.
  • To have a close watch on the exports and imports of ammunition, explosives, drugs, women trafficking and anti-social activities.
  • To keep an eye on the Fishermen not joining hands with the militants and Anti-Social elements.
  • To maintain cordial relations with the Coastal residents and get the advance information through them to establish the security in the country.
  • To take action in advance on the anti-social elements by establishing cordial relation with the Coastal residents.
  • Maintain good relation with the –
    (1) State Police
    (2) Indian Navy
    (3) Coast guard
    (4) Fisheries Department
    (5) Customs Etc.
    with an aim to give full coastal security.
  • To practice in the rehabilitation activities along with the district Officers at the time of natural Calamities like Cyclones etc.
  • To maintain peace and tranquil life on the sea and along the coast at the time of any conflict between the people of different religions and classes.
  • Alerting the fisher folks with prior intimation venturing in the sea for fishing at the time of natural calamities.
  • Taking precautionary measure in consultation with the concerned management to avoid polluting and destroying the purity and sanctity of rivers and sea-coast with fill the waste from factories and industries.
  • The main objective of the Coastal Police is to maintain Law and Order along the coast and on the Sea/River by implementing Central and State Policies.

Services of coastal Police

Office Address:
Coastal Police Station,
Savithri Nagar,
Yanam -533464

Email  : coastalpsynm08[at]gmail[dot]com

Ph.       : 8712244788, 08842321600