Animal Husbandry

Office of the Veterinary Assistant Surgeon – Veterinary Dispensary

The Main objective of the Department are to safeguard the health of domestic animals and to sustain and improve the productivity of farm animals. The efforts of the Department since its inception were therefore directed towards the development of necessary infrastructure for extending Veterinary health coverage and breeding facilities. There is another aspect which is equally important is to make available the adequate quantity of animal protein for the growing population and to improve the income of the rural poor in non-plant production activities has been taken up on priority basis. The Livestock Health and Production is improved by prevention and treatment along with the balanced nutrition and better management practices.

Through the implementation of 5 years plans, the animal health base has been strengthened to ensure smooth and steady growth of animal production and providing the farmers the benefits of animal health care and better production, thus strengthening the animal husbandry industry.

Vision & Mission :-

  • To Protect, Strengthen, and Improve animal health services.
  • Sustainable Growth of Livestock & Poultry for Nutritional Security & Economic Prosperity.
  • To Increase Production and Productivity of Livestock & Poultry.
  • To Increase Farmer’s Income.
  • To impart entrepreneurship oriented skill development programs to the farmers and students to engage Animal Husbandry occupation.
  • Constant update of knowledge of Veterinarians. • Prevention and Control of Livestock & Poultry Diseases.
  • Genetic up-gradation of Livestock & Poultry. • Increase Milk, Meat & Egg production.
  • Promotion of Feed & Fodder.
  • Protect Farmers during Livestock Loss.
  • To create farmers on livestock enterprise and to create entrepreneurship Infrastructure in Animal Husbandry

Institution details with date of starting –

  1. Veterinary Dispensary, Yanam on 02-10-1956.
  2. Veterinary First-Aid Centre Cum A.I. Unit, Dariyaladippa on 15-08-1969.
  3. Veterinary First-Aid Centre Cum A.I. Unit, Kanakalapetta on 23-02-1982.
  4. Key Village Unit, Yanam on 01-03-1957.
  5. Government Poultry Farm, Yanam in 1960-61.

Office Address:
The Veterinary Assistant Surgeon,
Veterinary Dispensary,
Subramania Bharathiar Street,
Yanam – 533 464

Email : ahd[dot]yanam[at]nic[dot]in

Ph.     : 0884 2324031, 0884 2321556