Labour Department

Labour Department is a service Department with an Administrative Secretary and has the Commissioner of Labour as the Head of the Department and Ex-officio Joint Secretary to Government. He also functions as the Chief Inspector of Factories and Boilers, Chief Conciliation Officer, Registrar of Trade Unions, Director of Employment and Training, State Apprenticeship Advisor, Certifying Officer under the Standing Orders Act, Commissioner for Work men’s Compensation etc.

  1. On the Labour side by the Deputy Labour Commissioner (Ex – officio Under Secretary to Government) who also functions as Authority under the Payment of Wages Act, Appellate Authority Under the Payment of Gratuity Act, Certifying Officer under the Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act and Additional Commissioner under Workmen’s Compensation Act and also by the Labour Officer (Conciliation) Pondicherry, Labour Officer (Enforcement) Pondicherry, Labour Officer, Karaikal and Assistant Inspectors of Labour, Mahe/Yanam.
  2. On the enforcement of Industrial Safety Laws by the Joint Chief Inspector of Factories, Inspectors of Factories, Inspector of Boilers and Medical Inspector of Factories.
  3. On the employment side by the Employment Officer, Pondicherry and iv) On the training side by the Principals of Government ITIs/ Private ITCs and Technical Officer, Pondicherry.

Field Activities of Labour Department.

The Labour Officer (Enforcement) is to assist the Labour Commissioner and Deputy Labour Commissioner to implement the following Labour Acts and Rules.

The Asst. Inspector of labour is incharge of implementation of various Labour Acts such as Pondicherry Shops & Establishment Act,1964, Pondicherry Catering establishment Act, Motor transport workers Act,1961, Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act,1970 and child Labour (P&R) Act,1986 etc.

By exercising the powers given under various acts, the Asst. Inspector of Labour, Yanam conducted 626 inspections to the shops and establishment, catering establishment etc., during the financial year 1997-98

Further, this office is issuing licenses to the employers of the shops and establishments, catering establishments, M.T.W undertaking, cinema theatres for engagement of laboures and regulating them to follow the Act/Rules.

Moreover, this office is also issuing challans to the various Factory/Rice Mills for renewal of its licenses. The Asst. Inspector of Labour was also appointed as Conciliation officer to exercise the powers and perform the functions under industrial Disputes Act, 1947.

Accordingly, whenever any dispute was brought to this knowledge either by the Management or the workmen the Asst. Inspector of Labour is conducting the conciliation meetings and settling the disputes amicably.

In case, if any dispute was not settled at his level the same will be referred to the Labour court through the Labour, Pondicherry by sending a failure report.

Child Labour Welfare and Protection center

  • In the year 1996, as per the directions given by the Labour Department, Pondicherry a thorough Joint Survey was conducted in Yanam region by the Asst. Inspector of Labour, Yanam along with Deputy Tahsildar and Revenue Inspectors to identify the existence of Bonded Labour is existing in Yanam region. A survey report in this regard was submitted to the commissioner of Labour, Pondicherry through the Regional Executive Officer, Yanam.
  • In order to perform the functions as envisaged under section 14 of the Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act,1976, a Vigilance Committee in Yanam region under Sub Divisional level has also been constituted Regional Executive Officer, Yanam as its chairman by the Government of the Pondicherry vide G.O.MS.NO.12/Lab/AIL/G,dated 22-2-1997.
  • Since then, so far the meeting of Sub Divisional Vigilance Committee has been convened six times in Yanam region.
  • In the contest of recent Supreme Court Judgment No.465 of 1986 dated 10-12-1996 and on the directions from the Secretary (Labour) two survey teams were appointed for conducting the survey on elimination of Child Labour in Yanam region.
  • Accordingly, the two teams have conducted the survey commencing from 13-2-1997 and completed the same by 30th march 1997 covering all available 536 non hazardous occupations such as Shops and establishments, catering establishments, M.T.W. Undertakings, Cinema Theatres, Work places, Factories, Rice Mills, Tiny units etc.

Connections of Department:

  • Further, whenever any trade union submitted applications for registration under the trade union Act, 1926, the relevant records of the union will be verified/scrutinized by this office and a report thereof will be sent to the Commissioner of Labour-Cum-Registrar of Trade unions, Pondicherry for issue of certificate of registration.
  • The Asst. Inspector of Labour, Yanam was also appointed as Conciliation officer to exercise the powers and perform the functions under Industrial Disputes Act, 1947. Accordingly whenever any dispute was brought to this knowledge either by the management or workmen the AIL; Yanam will conduct conciliation meetings to settle the disputes amicably.
  • In case, if any dispute was not settled at his level a detailed failure reports will be summited to the commissioner of Labour, Pondicherry to refer the matter to the Labour court.


Office Address:
Labour Department,
7-09-010, Erakunta Street,
Yanam – 533 464

Email : ail3[dot]lc[dot]pon[at]gmail[dot]com