Labour Department

Labour Department is a service Department with an Administrative Secretary and has the Commissioner of Labour as the Head of the Department and Ex-officio Joint Secretary to Government. He also functions as the Chief Inspector of Factories and Boilers, Chief Conciliation Officer, Registrar of Trade Unions, Director of Employment and Training, State Apprenticeship Advisor, Certifying Officer under the Standing Orders Act, Commissioner for Work men’s Compensation etc.

On the Labour side by the Deputy Labour Commissioner (Ex – officio Under Secretary to Government) who also functions as Authority under the Payment of Wages Act, Appellate Authority Under the Payment of Gratuity Act, Certifying Officer under the Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act and Additional Commissioner under Workmen’s Compensation Act and also by the Labour Officer (Conciliation) Pondicherry, Labour Officer (Enforcement) Pondicherry, Labour Officer, Karaikal and Assistant Inspectors of Labour, Mahe/Yanam. ii) On the enforcement of Industrial Safety Laws by the Joint Chief Inspector of Factories, Inspectors of Factories, Insp ector of Boilers and Medical Inspector of Factories. iii) On the employment side by the Employment Officer, Pondicherry and iv) On the training side by the Principals of Government ITIs/ Private ITCs and Technical Officer, Pondicherry.


Labour Department
Yerragunta Street
Yanam -533 464