The Revenue department comprising of Revenue, Survey Unit, Excise wings provides a myriad of valuable services to the public of Yanam region, one of the four enclaves of Union Territory of Puducherry. The department shoulders the responsibility for rendering a variety of time bound services as briefly indicated below:-

  1. Issue of following certificates:
    1. Nationality
    2. Community
    3. Nativity / Residence
    4. Solvency
    5. Income etc.
  2. Patta transfer / Mutation.
  3. Survey, Measurement and Settlement of land.
  4. Assignment of House-site patta.
  5. Issue of Licence for certain profession
      1. Licence for cinema theatres
      2. Pawn broker’s licence
      3. Licence under Arms Act.
    1. Licence / N.O.C. under explosive Act. etc.

Further, the revenue department rushes to provide relief / rescue in times of natural calamities like drought, flood, cyclone, fire etc.

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