Rural Labour Wefare Centre Services

Tailoring and Embroidery &Handicrafts Training: Imparting training to the women
folk in Tailoring & Embroidery and Handicrafts units.

Brief Description: A training programme will be imparted to the womenfolk in Tailoring & Embroidery and Handicrafts to a maximum strength of 25 each for a period of one year commencing from January to December.

  1. BalWadi Unit: The child in the age group of 3-5 years will be provided with nutritious food during their stay at the Centre. The menu is prescribed by the Labour Commissioner, :Puducherry and revised from time to time. The expenditure of Rs. 10/- per child per working day is to be incurred for 50 children
  2. Child Labour: There is no prescribed limit of intake of children. The Asst. Inspector of Labour, Yanam shall be directing the children found working during the inspections of various units in Yanam. The children will be provided with the following.
  1. Giving free noon meal.
  2. Imparting education depending upon their previous educational backward.

At present there is no Child Labour in Rural Labour Welfare Centre, Yanam.