Services operated by Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs

Services operated for public of Yanam region


1 Deletion : Deletion of names from the Ration cards on account of transfer to other states or in the case of death.

2 Cancellation: Cancellation of ration cards due to various defective reasons

3 Surrender: Surrender of ration cards due to transfer or shifting to other regions .

4 Aadhaar seeding: Seeding of Aadhaar numbers .

5 Change of address: Transfer of the Ration cards from one Fair Price Shop to other Fair Price Shop due to shifting of house.

6 Change of name: Many typical errors of the names of family members in the Ration cards are corrected both in English and Telugu which require correction or change in the names occurred            therein.

7 Deletion and Inclusion: Deletion of name from one ration card and inclusion of the same in other ration card due to marriage or separation of family or any other reason within the Yanam region

8 Inclusion by marriage: Inclusion of names on account of marriage to younger within the Yanam region or from other neighbouring state or adjacent areas.

9 Inclusion by birth certificate: The inclusion of names by birth of the children of Yanam region

10 Bifurcation: Bifurcation of ration cards on account of separation of family after marriage .

11 Generation of new ration cards: Generation of new cards with age, address and names of family members, adhaar cards numbers and other required data etc