St. Ann's Catholic Church


There was an interesting story behind this chruch that in the year 1943 a Ship named Villiam B. Augustus, was thrown to a sand island due to heavy cyclone. Though they tried hard to rescue the ship consisting of 1000 tonnes by using all manpower, it was in-vain. The ship stayed for one year in the same place without an inch of moment. At that time, one engineer by name E.H.Swini was deputed from America for this purpose. He also tried and came to a conclusion that this task would not be possible with manpower. And he worshiped the Lord ‘ Mary Maa’ and all of sudden the ship moved from the sand island. In tribute of the Lord Mary Maa, the engineer and his wife constructed this church in yanam. This festivals can also be seen now in the hill temple behind this church.

Photo Gallery

  • Pathway at riverfront
  • Kamarajar Children Park
  • Beach Road
  • Glass House at Botanical Garden
  • Botanical Garden View
  • Beach Way Arch

How to Reach :

By Air

Nearest airport is at Rajamahendri (Rajahmundry) (RMY), which is around 80Km from Yanam.

By Train

Nearest Railway station is at Kakinada, which is around 30Km from Yanam.

By Road

You can get public transport (Buses) every 15 min. run by Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corp. (APSRTC) between Kakinada and Amalapuram having stoppage at Yanam.