The Transport Unit, Yanam provides the services related to the field of activites mentioned here-under.

  1. Registration of Vehicles
  2. Transfer of ownership
  3. Addition of Hypothecation and Termination of Hypothecation
  4. Issue of No Objection certificate to transfer the vehicle to other State
  5. Issue of Fitness certificate for transport vehicle and renewal of Registration certificate for non-transport vehicles
  6. Issue and Renewal of Driving License and Conductor license
  7. Issue of duplicate Driving licenses and certificates of Registration
  8. Collection of Tax
  9. Issue of Temporary permits
  10. Enforcement of Motor Vehicle Rules


  • The implementation of fixing of High Security Registration plates (HSRP) has been started in Yanam region in the month of July2013.
  • The applicants are requested to write their mobile number on their application while submitting them. The applicants are being informed over phone after completing the required service by this department.
  • The awareness programme regarding Road safety has been conducted during the 25th Road safety Week’2014 from 11th January to 17th January 2014.
  • Various programmes like helmet rally, display of road safety banners, conduction of learners test for students, Eye and health camp for transport drivers, Road rallies with road safety awareness placards with the help of NSS organizations and free distribution of Helmets and Spectacles for various persons participated in the road safety programmes have been conducted.

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Office Address

Transport Unit, 2nd Floor, Mini Civil Station, Yanam – 533 464