Services and Duties of the Department:

  • The T&CPD is responsible for the balanced growth of the urban and rural areas in Yanam through preparation and implementation of Spatial Development Plans.
  • To advise and assist the Government and Semi-Government agencies in connection with Physical Planning and implementation of Development schemes in Yanam, through the following statutes.


  • Puducherry Town and Country Planning Act, 1969.
  • Puducherry Building Bye-Laws & Zoning Regulations, 2012.
  • Puducherry Town and Country Planning Rules, 1974.
  • Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Centenary Housing Scheme Rules, 2003 (Shelter for Houseless Poor).
  • National Building Code & UDPFI guidelines.

Deals with the following schemes under “Housing” and “Urban Development” Sector.

Housing Schemes and its objectives:

1. Slum Upgradation Programme (SUP): Developed Plots and tenements in multi-storied blocks are made available to the Slum dwellers on “rental basis”. Upgradation of slum areas by extending basic amenities, are also undertaken.
2. Shelter for houseless poor – Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Centenary Housing Scheme (PKCHS): The Objective of the scheme is to provide financial assistance of Rs 2,00,000/- in three instalments to each of the BPL families living in huts to construct a pucca house with toilet and to make Puducherry a “Hutless” region. A separate scheme also implemented viz. the PMAY under the Central Sector. The above Schemes are implemented through the Puducherry Slum Clearance Board. With the Nodal Officer i.e. The Chief Town Planner, Town and Country Planning Department, Puducherry. All the details regarding thse scheme are available in the website

Urban Development Schemes:

  1. Plan for Traffic and Transportation Improvement and Management Measures in Urban Areas and Capital Development Project: The main objective is to resolve traffic congestion and bottlenecks in the urban areas of the U.T. of Puducherry by carrying out improvement works to major roads. Important other development works are also undertaken.
  2. Environmental Improvement in Urban Slums (EIUS): The aim of the scheme is to improve the environmental conditions in the existing slums by extending a package of physical services like roads, drains, toilet blocks, water supply and etc.
  3. Town and Regional Planning (TRP): Budgetary provisions are being made for Salary component for Plan posts, Plan O.E. and consultancy services.

Note :- All the works under the above schemes are executed through the Puducherry Slum Clearance Board, Puducherry and the Yanam Municipality, Yanam.

In addition to the implementation of the schemes, other works related to industrial Site Clearance for setting up of Industries in Yanam Region are also carried out. Issue of No Objection Certificates / Inspection Reports etc. for certain location decisions referred by the Regional Administrator / Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Yanam etc., also attended. Matters related to RTI Act also performed.